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What is the top selling NBA jersey?
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TOPIC: What is the top selling NBA jersey?
What is the top selling NBA jersey? 2 Settimane, 1 Giorno Karma: 0
The Los Angeles Lakers once again led the NBA in merchandise sales, according to a press release from the NBA. The Lakers were followed by the Warriors, Celtics, 76ers, Bucks, Bulls, Thunder, Rockets, Raptors and Knicks in the top ten.

Much of the Lakers’ lead over other franchises, of course, came from LeBron James signing with the franchise in July. The combination of the two global brands clearly had huge financial implications.

James, unsurprisingly, led the league in Cheap NBA Jerseys, ahead of Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kyrie Irving and Joel Embiid who rounded up the top five

Most Popular NBA Stars Jerseys

01. LeBron James Lakers jerseys

02. Stephen Curry Warriors jerseys

03. Giannis Antetokounmpo Bucks jerseys

04. Kyrie Irving Nets jerseys

05. Joel Embiid 76ers jerseys

06. James Harden Rockets jerseys

07. Russell Westbrook Rockets jerseys

08. Kevin Durant Nets jerseys

09. Ben Simmons 76ers jerseys

10. Jimmy Butler Heat jerseys

11. Anthony Davis Lakers jerseys

12. Paul George Clippers jerseys

13. Luka Doncic jerseys

14. Zion Williamson jerseys

15. Kawhi Leonard Clippers jerseys

16. Kristaps Porzingis Mavericks jerseys

17. Kemba Walker Celtics jerseys

18. Chris Paul Thunder jerseys

19. Derrick Rose Pistons jerseys

20. RJ Barrett Knicks jerseys

Most Popular NBA Team Merchandise

01. Los Angeles Lakers
02. Golden State Warriors Jerseys
03. Boston Celtics Jersey
04. Philadelphia 76ers
05. Milwaukee Bucks Jersey
06. Brooklyn Nets
07. LA Clippers
08. Houston Rockets Jersey
09. New Orleans Pelicans
10. New York Knicks

Despite a relatively down year for James and the Lakers, who were unable to make the postseason, their collective marketing brand still overpowered the rest of the league. It was the first time since James’ second season in the NBA that he had missed the playoffs.

Cheap Basketball Jerseys for Resale is clearly a huge collection of fans foaming at the mouth for the Lakers to rise to prominence again and they show it in their spending power. It’s up to the Lakers to reward them for their loyalty.

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