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How India Provides Low-Cost Health Care: Its Secre
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TOPIC: How India Provides Low-Cost Health Care: Its Secre
How India Provides Low-Cost Health Care: Its Secre 1 Mese Karma: 0
How India Provides Low-Cost Health Care: Its Secret

A renowned Indian cardiac surgeon is currently building 2,000 beds, in the Cayman Islands, in an internationally recognized "health city" location near the US. Projected services include tertiary care procedures, such as open surgery. open heart, angioplasty, knee or hip replacement, and neurosurgery for about 40% of US prices. Patients will have the option of recovering, in the Cayman Islands, for a week or two, before returning to the US

At a time when health care costs in the United States threaten to bankrupt the federal government, United States hospitals would do well to consider Indian doctors and hospitals that are treating eye, heart, and heart problems. kidneys, maternity care, orthopedics, and cancer for less than 5% to 10% of the costs of the United States, through the use of practices commonly associated with mass and collective practices.

The nine hospitals in India we study are not cheap because their care is of poor quality, in fact even having quick access to an ambulance number, and most of them are accredited by the American Joint Commission International or its Indian equivalent, the National Council. of Hospital Accreditation. The data shows that the medical results are as good as or better than the average for a US hospital.

The ultra low cost position of Indian hospitals may not seem surprising, after all, wages in India are significantly lower than in the US However, the health care available in Indian hospitals is cheaper, even when adjusted for wages, for example, if Indian heart hospitals paid their doctors according to the US salary level, the costs of open heart surgery would still be a fifth of those of USA

When it comes to innovations in health care delivery, Indian hospitals have outperformed other leading institutions around the world. Currently, the US spends $ 8,000 per capita on health care, and if India's hospital practices were adopted, the same results could be achieved for much less, saving the country hundreds of billions of dollars. .

One key to this is that, faced with the limitations of extreme poverty and severe shortages of resources, hospitals in India have had to operate more agilely and creatively to serve the large numbers of poor people in need of medical care. on the subcontinent. And since the average Indian cannot afford 60% to 70% of the health care costs out of pocket, the difference must be balanced.

Three important practices have enabled these Indian hospitals to reduce their costs, while improving the quality of care.
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