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How to recover deleted videos from mobile
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TOPIC: How to recover deleted videos from mobile
How to recover deleted videos from mobile 3 Mesi, 3 Settimane Karma: 0
Deleting an important video from the mobile's storage by accident and not being able to recover it due to not having made a full backup, is something you could wish on your worst enemies, but I'm afraid that if you are the one who suffers this experience, you wouldn't be too happy .

Whatever happens, whether or not you have accidentally deleted a video unless download youtube some copies, there are ways to recover the deleted content from the phone's internal storage, as we already explained in our guide to recover deleted photos. In the case of videos, the procedure is somewhat similar, although there are other ways to ensure that the content returns to its safe and sound place. Of course, it is better that from now on you create a backup copy of all the important files that enter the storage of your mobile.
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