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How to Change Mouse Speed and Sensitivity
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TOPIC: How to Change Mouse Speed and Sensitivity
How to Change Mouse Speed and Sensitivity 6 Mesi, 3 Settimane Karma: 0
The sensitivity of your mouse depends entirely on your mouse handling habits. You may have the habit of using your mouse super quickly or too slow. Sensitivity covers all the features related to your mouse like the pointer speed, direction, and the performance of the right-click button. You may customize all of them easily. Here is how you can adjust your mouse sensitivity settings.
Customizing mouse sensitivity settings on your Mac
Mac OS provides all the adjustment features to change or manage all of your mouse settings. Follow the simple steps in order to change your mouse settings:
1. Tap the Apple logo located at the upper-left edge of your window.
2. Then you have to hit the “System Preferences” tab from the pull-down menu.
3. Now a pop-out window will appear on your screen.
4. Hit the “Mouse” option there.
5. Click on the “Point & Click” option in order to expand the mouse pointer settings page.
6. Mark the box that reads “Scrolling direction: natural.”
7. Then you have to tick the box that reads “Secondary click,”
8. It will be added as the right-click.
9. Then you may manage between two mouse buttons. To do so, hit the arrow located just below the “Secondary click” option. You can select one of them to use as a basic (primary) click button. This feature is only available on your Apple supported mouse.
10. Now, adjust the speed of your mouse pointer by sliding down the speed tracker button. You have to drag it either to the left or right side as per your choice. While adjusting the mouse pointer speed, you may feel the modifications in real-time.

Source : How to Change Mouse Speed and Sensitivity
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