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This bob haircut really suits every woman
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TOPIC: This bob haircut really suits every woman
This bob haircut really suits every woman 1 Mese Karma: 0
Triangular face
Your chin is rather narrow and your forehead wider? Here we recommend short hairstyles where the volume is placed on the top of the head. You should avoid extremely short haircuts.

Oval face
When it comes to short hairstyles buy lace wigs, oval faces of the sixes are in the lottery. You can wear practically any short haircut. From the short pixie cut to the boyfriend cut with bangs, the selection is quite large.

This bob haircut really suits every woman
Rose Byrne
The bob is and remains the trend hairstyle of the year. We went in search of the bob haircut that suits every woman - and came across the Collarbone Bob. CONTINUE READING
Short hairstyles: advantages and tips
Those who say goodbye to their long mane will be rewarded with numerous advantages of a short hairstyle. On the one hand, you need less time in the bathroom in the morning because the hair can be dried faster with a blow dryer and styled more quickly overall. In addition, short hair is very practical, especially in summer, and less prone to split ends.
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