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I delivered buy RS gold
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TOPIC: I delivered buy RS gold
I delivered buy RS gold 3 Settimane Karma: 0
I delivered buy RS gold the IPs to them in my home computer, my notebook connected to home wifi and faculty wifi to show that the purchase happened than any of mine from a different IP. They essentially just said"Only pay the 80+ dollars we needed to refund the card owner and we'll unlock your account, we do not believe that you didn't do this". Never again will I spend another dime on or minute that's currently benefiting jagex.

I remeber if dungeon hunter 5 was newish, and even then you had to cover anyhwere from 60 to 90 pounds to unlock the best armour ingame, which would be replaced in the next few months. And no other mobile game will NEVER EVER have an choice to convert IN-GAME currency into a service that is paid.

Games like this are a rarity and just other games which are this f2p friendly are some mobas where personalities are all available with earnable currency, and eternium are they are extremely market in terms what they provide. Appreciate your match, bruh, and respect that they really listened to you guys, rather than shitposting.I agree, bots are everywhere. In f2p worlds the resource spots are botted. New runescape players may think that upgrading is your reply to solving this. Surely people won't pay money for membership just to bot, but sadly that is the case and with bonds it is much easier than ever.

One more thing that has OSRS Gold never truly been improved is the report system. I personally believe that some of the report motives options don't clarify anything, it seems with recent posts such as that guy being banned for PKing that a streamer is considered harassment at how he murdered them. How does one harass someone at a pvp area? I understand if someone is constantly following someone about a source place despite being to share simply to stop the other runescape player from taking it since it sounds"humorous".

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