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Freshly Bloom Keto In the textual content of the proposed constitutional amendment (PEC) despatched to parliamentarians, the government installed a transition rule till the full implementation of the reform, with a toll of fifty% at the contribution time last to retire - this is, for whom three years, it would be vital to paintings another yr and a half of. The cost is better than the 40% to begin with discussed at some point of the guidance of the text by means of the technical location. According to authorities interlocutors, the inspiration changed into designed with a "fats" for negotiation due to the complexity of the reform and the resistances already encountered even before its statement. The textual content is taken into consideration difficult via the government, however helpers of President Michel Temer examine that the negotiations can't disfigure the primary objective of the reform, that's to assure the sustainability of the Social Security accounts. One of the alternatives is to set a minimum age scale till the age of sixty five. During the assembly of the president with the exchange union centrals to present the reform, the government saw that the minimum age of sixty five years can have a great deal difficulty to be permitted. It changed into the point maximum attacked by trade unionists. The cause is likewise a negotiable factor. By the guideline proposed by means of the technical vicinity, the minimal age could rise 12 months whenever the common survival of at sixty five years of age increases in identical proportion. Today, this survival is 18.Four years. Under the guideline, therefore, the minimum age would reach 66 years when that survival reached 19.Four years. On the opposite hand, the authorities does no longer intend to intervene with the concept that prohibits the buildup of benefits.
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