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resistance, the leaders
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TOPIC: resistance, the leaders
resistance, the leaders 7 Mesi, 1 Settimana Karma: 0
Life needs to be frustrated with 600 setbacks. I don't think everyone likes it because it makes us suffer too much Newport 100S, but if life is not frustrated, will we live better? Will we do everything better? Do we have a strong heart? The answer is certainly no. As early as in ancient times, Mencius, known as the "semi-sanctification", put forward the principle of "born in sorrow and died in peace." The meaning is obvious: excessively addicted to happiness will only usher in the decline, only the worry around us can make people progress, make people excited, and let people survive better. "In the middle of the squats, Fu said that between the slabs and the slabs, the scorpion is held in the salt of fish Cigarettes For Sale, and the slogan is in the hands of the sage, and the uncle is in the sea, and the squatting in the city." These living examples show Everyone with a major mission must experience setbacks and experience the arduous process of struggle in setbacks in order to grow their talents and make their inner toughness to deal with their major mission. "It is trapped in the balance of the mind and the future. The ancient country's "long-term must be combined, long-term must be divided. "Isn't this the same reason? In the separatist divisions, when the countries were established, the literati generals of various countries did not redouble their efforts because of their enemies, and they were patriotic and enthusiastic, and they were proud of building the country. After the world, it was first and foremost, but after a few hundred years, it was not because there was no foreign enemy, the ruler became corrupt and incompetent, the country was full of loopholes, the people and the people were not living, and eventually went to the road of extinction. During the war of resistance, the leaders of the Communist Party did not Under the double blow of the Japanese aggressors and the Kuomintang reactionaries, they led the Communist Party and the common people to work hard Online Cigarettes, and they have gone through great difficulties and difficulties, and they have become a great cause. They have established new setbacks and are beneficial to people. But if people��s minds are not strong, they will be frustrated. In the face of setbacks, we should be happy to accept, calmly face, strive to make progress in setbacks, grow up in setbacks, and our minds will become Harder, life is better
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