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u. It is the duty that
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TOPIC: u. It is the duty that
u. It is the duty that 7 Mesi, 1 Settimana Karma: 0
I can't count as a good student, my grades are not good, I have had a fight and other disciplines. I really don't know how I walked into the school as a good student Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and I can walk out with a good student attitude. Life gives me a difficult problem. I don't even know that I can go through a few levels. Maybe decadence can describe my life, but it is not the life I want. I always do some unreasonable things because of a momentary fever Parliament Cigarettes, some are good memories, and some become lingering nightmares. I started trying to get rid of it all. Some people say that you have to give yourself a smile, give yourself some motivation to do it, give yourself a fulcrum, and let yourself continue. Smile, this vocabulary has been blooming in my face countless times, but it has never given me any strength. Where does the motivation come from? I try to find a real smile! I often complain and give up often. In the limited life of the past, I don't know what is hard work! What is myself! I have never cherished anything, the kind of care, the deep cherishment, the feeling of cherishing thin ice has never been seen before. Some just squandered and squandered a limited life! But one day when I was reading the newspaper, I found the courage to renew my life and sail Newport Cigarettes, to cherish every opportunity to smile, from every smile, to spend my own sunshine. Student time! That is the famous scholar Yu Dan said, "I will cherish everything I get today. Everything in the world is like this. It is the love for you. It is the duty that is not given to you." I looked at this a little. In other words, it seems that the sword has been inserted into the heart and twitched. This is not the true connection of life. Can we grasp the attitude of life only? I started to smile for myself, missed what I have missed, lost and lost. If you make every effort to make the best of your family's property, you will not be able to recover it. I only cherish everything that I have in front of me, and I will smile and fight. Even if there is a big storm, I will smile and accept it. It is also a gift from life!
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