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Make your own
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Parlaci di te e di cosa ti piacerebbe fare nel mondo del cinema.

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TOPIC: Make your own
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Children do NOT need lots of expensive toys Wholesale Cigarettes Online. Seriously, think of that commercial with the expensive toy and the toddler with the box that the expensive toy came in. That kid plays with the BOX, not the toy! A recent trip to the toy store made us laugh Cheap Cigarettes Online USA. They had this electronic drum for babies/toddlers for 12.99. We remembered how our oldest found sheer joy and pleasure sitting on our kitchen floor with my pots, pans and bowls and a wooden spoon banging away. Oh, and the pots and pans didn™t need batteries either. Basically, think twice and three times before buying costly toys. A little imagination (or a book) goes a long way in turning basic household things into fun toys.

-Baby food. Make your own. Eliminate salt and extra spices and just cook longer and then run through a chopping machine (I LOVE my mini chopper- $10 and it was used for more than just baby food). Baby food freezes in ice cube trays quite nicely. Don™t be fooled by œbaby juice. 100% fruit juice is just that, 100% fruit juice. Buy the big bottle of apple juice on sale for .99 and water it down (most pediatricians recommend a limited amount of fruit juice anyways and watering it down stretches that).

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