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We are different than your typical sim league
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TOPIC: We are different than your typical sim league
We are different than your typical sim league 2 Settimane, 2 Giorni Karma: 0
"We are different than your typical sim league. We don't have a lot of 4th rules down, nor do we need you to look at the Mut 20 coins for sale rule books while you play your game how you like, however any kind of plays, stat padding, nano blitzing or any other form of glitch drama is open to interpretation then punishment from the rest of the league." If you believe that fits you then please keep reading. Moreover we have a vast selection of people in the league ranging to 40 + all the way up from 18 at varying skill levels, so it's likely to find.

We have been operating in some form or another for 3 maddens and definitely have a group of men that is going to be playing before the end of this madden cycle. Than nearing the end, think of the more as the halfway point. We definitely are also available to players who have experience with playing against other users looking to give it a try, one of our commishes started that way, and it has loved playing with us ever since. Lastly we enjoy playing with each other, and really like to have fun within our team. There are rivalries and at times individuals may not get together, but at the end of it it's madden, and it is only a game. Now that we have gone through that here are their rosters and the teams too.

Year 1 Week 2, 16 teams currently available and filling quick, madden 20, Xbox one, 7 minute quarters, run via discord, daily progress, active user base, good rules, all-pro, two superstars upon linking, commissioners always available to assist, friendly neighborhood. Always open to suggestions. We would love to have you. Comment on this post to acquire discord link through reddit DM. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Make sure it works for everybody and I am working hard to fulfill this league.

We arrange through discord. We sin around every 24 hours. We do wins or fair sims if a game can't be performed. Free win is if a single user has been trying to arrange and buy Madden 20 coins the other is unresponsive. Works pretty well in prior leagues I have been in and ran. Most individuals are able to play throughout the evenings. I've discovered that it is rare that two people aren't able to have schedules, but if that is what happens it gets simmed.
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