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World does not like EA or play Madden
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TOPIC: World does not like EA or play Madden
World does not like EA or play Madden 3 Settimane, 4 Giorni Karma: 0
And nothing can change because the NFL and EA make a ton of cash from those products. Even if a sizable chunk of the gambling world does not like EA or play Madden it is likely still insanely profitable and relatively inexpensive to maintain churning out.I feel I need to set Mut 20 coins for anyone unfamiliar with this IFAF stands to the International Federation of American Football.Even if there were competition, there's no guarantee it would be better. When they had baseball or even EA using NBA Live look at 2K. They still churned out the games. Competition did not do anything to incentivize them.

Someone (2k sports) has to make an"open source" soccer game engine, in which people are able to customize everything from Madden and discuss rosters, trademarks, players, stadiums, etc.And the NFL would Sue, such as the way City of Heroes obtained hailed since you could use the character creator to generate a person's IP.Which soccer match allows you to fully customize and share players, logos, and stadiums since the EA has had exclusive rights? All Pro 2K8 and backbreaker had customization choices and enabled downloading rosters/logos. Both marketed like crap. Folks don't care unless it has got the NFL Shield directly on the box.

Backbreaker was not a good game complete... (even though it had NFL licensing).All Pro 2K8 lacked some features that many expected from 2K5 and therefore wasn't a great game overall. However is a community that shares and makes roster updates. A match that is fantastic has to be made before anybody will care about the customizability. Madden is a brand with a lot of momentum, but that I do not think that it's indestructible given how many individuals have Madden over the years since their exclusivity. A game needs to get the Shield on it. There were plenty of football franchises in 1990s and early 2000s, there's a reason just the individuals who licensing survived.

Those were BAD matches too. No company would invest in a game without the Shield. That's why I'm saying this should be a open source project to buy Madden nfl 20 coins that is long-term. Look at Techmo Bowl and Baseball Stars. Those were two of the most popular sports games in the 80's while they needed to go up from"RBI" and"NFL" that were both accredited and horrible.
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