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In memory
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TOPIC: In memory
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In memory, there is such an alley. I do n��t know how many people have walked through this old alley. I only remember that time has carved wrinkles on it, and the blurred words eroded by the rain on the wall have long been unclear. It has witnessed the vicissitudes of time; I just remember that it brought me a lot of joy and happiness, leaving me with many unforgettable memories. And I also kept the growth steps in it one by one. When I was young, I used to go to my grandma's house to play. At that time, I was naughty and ignorant. I often ran to the alley downstairs without eating. At that time, I was familiar with everything on the alley: potholes and bumpy ground, there were no such tall and dilapidated buildings on both sides, and the moss that overflowed from the cracks in the alley after the rain on the alley Cigarettes Online... I I vaguely remember that my grandmother always went to the kitchen when I was not eating well and poured out a bowl of fragrant, steaming stir-fried powder for me playing in the alley, and I put down a pile of mud or a small one in my hands. Insect, running to grandma with a happy smile, a line of happy little footprints left in the muddy alley. When I was in elementary school, I became more sensible. I would no longer lose my temper and not eat, and I would no longer play with the dirty mud on the side of the road Cheap Cigarettes. This alley became a holy place for me to read aloud. Every weekend, I always bring my own textbooks, sitting alone on the stone steps of the alleys and letting out a voice to read a while. Because studying in the alley, the long and narrow alley will make your voice long and melodious. That night, the sky was rendered in the colors of the evening, the lights were on, and the vegetable dealer next door began to shout, and I also learned his thick voice for a while. At this time, there will always be a few people who poke their heads upstairs, and I hid in the room to snicker for a while, leaving the silver bell-like laughter in the alley. In an instant, I graduated from elementary school, and I came to this alley again in the summer. The first time I felt that the alley was so worn. But here is loaded with my childhood, loaded with a lot of infinite beautiful past. I took my grandmother's hand and told her how I played and lived here when I was a kid. That day, I ate my grandma's fried powder again, and it still had the same taste. I turned over for a long time Newport 100S, found the old textbooks in the attic of my grandma's house, and found the cart of the vegetable dealer on the side of the alley. far. However, every time I went back to the alley, it seemed that I saw my grandmother carrying powder; I heard a child learn to cry from a vegetable vendor with a tender voice ... These past events, like the footprints of growth, let me remember the memory of my lost childhood I was even more impressed, and it also reminded me of the future.

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