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Today, the whole
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TOPIC: Today, the whole
Today, the whole 3 Settimane, 1 Giorno Karma: 0
Today, the whole sky is so gloomy that people feel unmotivated, the sun seems to have not yet woken up, its faint sunlight can't wear the thick clouds, and the pedestrians on the road are all dressed in early winter clothes, and the weather in their mouths It's getting colder and colder, but I'm very excited, because today is the 18th Autumn Track and Field Games of our Jinyang Primary School. In the morning, when I stepped into the classroom, I saw my classmates wearing neat school uniforms and white net shoes Carton Of Cigarettes. The girls all wore ribbons. They were very beautiful. Look carefully. It turned out that I had makeup on, and I hurriedly I ran to ask my parents and aunts to help me make up, and then the teacher brought us the props to enter the games-sunflowers; so I suddenly went to the sunflowers like a group of birds in the classroom, and then everyone took the small bench to line up , Walked happily towards the playground. Came to the playground, all classes of the school are entering the whole team. The opening ceremony of the Games began, and with a regular pace, our class shouted the loudest voice, "Eleven Eleven! Win the first! Sail sail! Eleven strongest!", A loud slogan echoed On the playground, it was deafening, as if the entire world could hear our determination to be number one in Class 11. In the morning, after the opening ceremony, there was only one race. It was the most exciting, the most exciting, and the most tense 100-meter relay race. The 10 and 12 races that we ran against were fast. The most exciting moment was coming. "3 ���� 2 ���� 1 ���� Start!" When the referee issued the password, the first stick Li Shirui quickly "fly" over, I saw the confidence of victory in her eyes, the second stick Wu Haomin immediately took the stick, It shot like an arrow, great! We took the lead, but when handing over the stick halfway, several classmates dropped the stick several times in a row Parliament Cigarettes, and we fell behind again. Although already destined to be the final, the students behind were still struggling to run at the fastest speed on the track. In the afternoon, I participated in the high jump competition and came to the area of ??high jump. The first round of benchmarking was 90 centimeters. It was my turn! I follow the teaching of physical education teacher Wang: when starting from an arc, when you run to the benchmark Cigarettes For Sale, you kick your left foot, lift it up with the help of a bouncing right foot, and then lift your left foot up again. I flew over! Don't mention how beautiful it is! So in the second round, the benchmark rose to one meter. I stood in the pre-run place, took a deep breath, and then took a step and ran off the arc and jumped! I vacated the whole person, lifted my legs, bad! After crossing the right foot, the left foot slowed down a bit, buttocks fell down and just touched the bamboo pole, I also fell on the mat, and there was a regretful sound around me. I stood up bravely and thought to myself: Don't be discouraged, I will definitely dance better next time. This sports meeting, I am very happy and unforgettable.
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