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las! I rubbed my
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TOPIC: las! I rubbed my
las! I rubbed my 2 Settimane, 2 Giorni Karma: 0
las! I rubbed my ass. Sitting in a very bumpy car, the taste is really uncomfortable. I am a pine nut. Last month, my siblings and I were shaken down from the tree. We are all fat and fat, very cute. We fell like a slide and fell on a big tipper. The big tipper vigorously stirred a few times. Hey! I have motion sickness! Before I could react, the big tipper put me and my brothers and brothers on a pickup truck. The neighbors in the tree beside them also sat in. Rumbling, the pickup truck started. A smoky diesel smoke came out of the nose, which was really unpleasant. I sat in the car for more than half an hour. Shit! The pickup truck braked. A large iron door opened slowly. A big paw that fell from the sky, grabbed me off the ground at once. I glanced out tremblingly, and immediately closed my eyes, I was afraid of heights. Suddenly the claws loosened. I was like a bungee jumper. I fell from the sky and fell on a pile of pine nuts. Oops! How did it fall? Songzi Mountain is falling rapidly. I saw a big black hole. The pine nuts are being sucked in little by little. Huh! I was sucked into the black hole and I couldn't see anything. After half a minute, I saw a glimmer of light. Boom! I sat on the conveyor belt. Alas, the waist flashed. I looked closely, there was a big machine in front of it, buzzing, wouldn't it be another ghost door. All of a sudden, I and the other pine nuts passed the machine. What's going on? My brothers and sisters have opened their mouths and are grinning at me Newport Cigarettes. I was taken aback, "Hey, which planet are you from?" The other open pine nuts looked at me with weird eyes. "I don't have a mouth!" Just when I was extremely surprised, wow! All the pine nuts fell into a bag. Black goo boom, see nothing, rumbling sounds from all around. We were loaded onto the big truck for another few hours. I simply took a nap. When I open my eyes in a daze. All around suddenly filled with light. I looked up and a little boy was looking down at me. A big hand reached in, picked up a handful of pine nuts, and put them under a pair of big black eyes. A grizzly pine nut was picked out. When the two big hands gently broke, the pine nuts were exposed, and the fingers of the big hand fell into the little boy's mouth. After a while, the grinning pine nuts were eaten. Big eyes picked me up and swallowed my brothers and sisters, but I was not selected alone. Poor, I was held in my palm several times, but fell down relentlessly. Is it "black eyes" that make me look ugly? I have been thinking hard for a long time, oh, it turns out that I have no mouth. "Black eyes" can't help me. I was picked up by big hands again and again Cigarettes Online, and thrown down by him again and again. By the side Newport 100S, there were only a dozen pine nuts without a mouth. I still lie helplessly in that deflated pocket, and no one asks
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