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url]. Reciting often, chant
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TOPIC: url]. Reciting often, chant
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"Haiweihaiwei, thunder on the ground!" In a burst of shouts Wholesale Cigarettes, Lei Haiwei, the take-out brother of the delivery platform, took to the stage of CCTV. In the finals, Lei Hai confronted Peng Min for his calm and self-confidence. How did an ordinary take-out brother win the championship of the poetry conference? According to Lei Haiwei, he likes poetry very much. Thirteen years ago, he had no extra money to buy poetry books, so he secretly memorized the poems in the bookstore, and then went home to write down silently. He used other takeaway brothers to play kings, played the Jedi gap, and even waited for meals and traffic lights to increase his poem reserves. The more you understand, the more you admire this ordinary grass-roots takeout brother. For thirteen years, the storage of eight or nine hundred ancient poems has created this extraordinary legendary life of the ordinary takeaway brother. I am stimulated by the reserve of the poetry of the takeaway brother. A takeaway brother can do it, why can't I do it! I silently read out the poems I read before and review it again. Before, I didn't like memorizing poems very much. Every time I was under the "coercion and temptation" of my mother, I would reluctantly stretch my bitter gourd's face to memorize a few songs. Sometimes long song lyrics are difficult to recite, and they lose their temper. But after seeing the wonderful performances of the contestants in the poems and conventions, especially the children's groups on the stage, such as the correct response, I really understood the meaning of "the poem is full of poems and self-satisfaction". In the past, memorizing poems was to complete the task of my mother's account, but now I just calm down to figure out the mood of the poems and realize the inner meaning of the poems. I do n��t know, I ��m shocked to see it! The original poems have the broad mind of ��the desert is lonely and straight, the long river sets the sun��; Thousands of trees bloom in Dongfeng at night, and the beauty of fireworks is like "stars like rain". Today, I always recite poems every day and revel in the beauty of the poetry Reciting often, chanting often, the deeper and deeper the understanding of poetry. Sometimes I blurted out and wrote my inspirations! When I read Mr Newport Cigarettes. Bai Pu's "Tian Jing Sha." In Autumn, inspiration suddenly fell from the sky, so he wrote his own "Tianjingsha �� Spring".

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