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of "wow", the water
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TOPIC: of "wow", the water
of "wow", the water 1 Settimana, 2 Giorni Karma: 0
One afternoon, the Chinese teacher asked us to go home and be the master once. As soon as I got home, I told my mother that the Chinese teacher told us to be home once. My mother said, "No problem, let me be your home tomorrow!" The next morning, my mother gave me sixty yuan and asked me to arrange it for sixty yuan. Our day's life. "Yeah! The power of the economy is here." I was overjoyed and excited. I quickly ran downstairs to buy breakfast and spent ten yuan. After the meal, I washed the dishes like my mother usually did. I ca n��t bear it! Who calls me to be the master! Next, I planned how to eat Chinese food, my mother suggested that I go shopping, huh, how can I buy vegetables! I feel a little ashamed that the head of the family can't buy food? I proposed to eat outside We went to a fast food restaurant on Hongqiao Road for lunch and spent forty-two yuan. Squeezing the remaining eight yuan, I thought: The situation is not good, how to eat dinner for eight yuan? No way, I can only take out my own coins to make up. In order to use less of my own money, I asked my mom and dad for advice: "Is it okay to eat snacks for dinner?" Mom said: "Today you are the master Count! "The dim sum for dinner cost a total of 16 yuan, and I used an 8 yuan coin to make it up. Although Mom and Dad didn't say anything, I still feel embarrassed because there is too little money left. I thought it was very comfortable to be the head of the family. Now it seems that being the head of the family is not easy, not only to arrange the family's life, but also to arrange it reasonably, so that the family can live comfortably. Today, I was the master of 800 words. Yesterday, I saw on TV that those little ghosts were skilled at doing this. I could n��t help but feel itchy. Today, the opportunity finally came. My mother bought some leeks from the vegetable farm. I At first glance, I was so happy. So I said to my mother: "Mother, let me try to make a fried leek today!" She promised me to take out the leek from the bag, first pick the old leaves, and then Put it in water and wash it. Then, I carefully cut the leek into an inch to grow. Hey, who gave me the chance to "dance and make ink" on weekdays? Now I am operating a large kitchen knife and it will not work. I cut it for five or six minutes, and almost cut my fingers as leeks. Secondly, I poured some oil into the pot and turned on the gas switch. "Hey!" Now I can get out of the pot. I will pour the leek stem first In the pan. Just listening to "squeak?", I was shocked, and I immediately picked up the shovel. "Wow, bang," frying a few times, like a little chef! Suddenly, there was a drop of boiling The oil splashed on my hand. "Ouch!" I called out immediately. It was really "it's hard to look at people, it's crooked from the top of my shoulder". Look at the color change of the leek It's deep. I quickly put some salt and sugar, and before putting the pot, I put some chicken essence. I tasted it, ah, it tastes really good. I put the fried leeks on the table, and my heart was beautiful. I don't believe it, you can try it too; look at me as a devil Parliament Cigarettes. Today, when I am the master of 800-word composition, people say that children are good, but I do n��t think so. Every day our children are overwhelmed by the hill-like work. Therefore, I wanted to be home for a day, but I didn't expect my mother to agree readily. The next day, I got up early and made full preparations for this day's "work". It's broken, it's time for breakfast. I hurriedly put on my shoes and went out. On the way, I was afraid of losing face and kept burying my head Carton Of Cigarettes, for fear of being seen. Finally, I hit a good aunt who gave the money. The level of beating finally passed, and I thought so. In the morning, I suddenly smelled a strange smell. Hey, it turned out to be Dad ��s smelly socks. I plan to wash my socks. Yes, just do it. I squeezed my nose in one hand, holding the pair of smelly socks in one hand, and ran to the bathroom. When I got there, I threw the sock into the basin and picked up the basin to start receiving water. Just listening to the sound of "wow", the water all sprinkled on the ground. I thought I was out of luck and picked up the mop and slowly cleaned it up. It took a while for the floor to be cleaned. Then I put myself in the process of washing the socks again. Kung fu paid attention to them. After more than half an hour of "fight", I finally finished washing the socks. In the afternoon, I felt a bit hungry, and started to make a snack while learning what it was like on TV. Do n��t mention how beautiful it is to eat the food you made yourself! What a happy day today! From this activity,
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