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5 Best Vapes for Clouds 2020
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TOPIC: 5 Best Vapes for Clouds 2020
5 Best Vapes for Clouds 2020 2 Mesi, 2 Settimane Karma: 0
5 Best Vapes for Clouds 2020

Cloud chasers hands up. The bigger the better am I right? Here at The Electronic Cigarette Company we have a raft (a raft I tell you) of vape kits and mods perfect for chucking those clouds. Let me take you on a journey, through the clouds, to land on your next favourite vape kit. To get more news about Best E-Cigarettes, you can visit univapo official website.

Use the 0.3ohm mesh coil in this slick looking vape pod and you have yourself a portable cloud machine. Pure DL vaping that is flavourful and warm. OH and there is adjustable airflow on…the…coil. Wismec are in the vape game, proving that there is no excuse for no airflow adjustment on pods.

Let me wow you even more. Have your favourite sub-ohm tank? (Mine is currently the GeekVape Zeus sub-ohm tank) Don’t want to give it up? That’s fine, whip out the 510 adapter that is included, remove your pod, pop the adapter on and voila…you have an 80W vape mod. Is your jaw on the floor? Mine is!

There is loads to talk about with this pod mod, colour screen, settings, look, feel…don’t let me bore you. Check out the Wismec R80 yourself by clicking here.The real selling point with this kit, is the coils. They are massive and a 0.25ohm mesh. The drip tip sits almost directly onto them. What does this mean? Well there is hardly any distance for your vapour to travel, so everything is enhanced.

I might get a telling off for adding this one to the list, as it’s not even here yet. It is currently coming soon, but I couldn’t leave it. It is the MOST powerful vape pod EVER. SMOK have gone all out and created the RPM160. Yep…160W of power!!
There are loads of features, 0.96inch TFT colour screen, IQ-160 chipset for ridiculously fast ramp up time (0.001Sec) and adaptive power output to prevent wattage drop off mid vape.

The mods are easy to fill and use magnets to hold them firmly in place. Ok enough, let’s talk coils. All PnP coils are compatible with the kit, they go all the way from 0.3ohm to 1.0ohm. In the kit you get a 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm both mesh and both perfect for DL vaping.

Listen, this is award winning for a reason. It just works and works exceptionally well. Large flavourful clouds of vapour await you fellow vaper. Check out the VooPoo Vinci X here.
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