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It's frustrating that you need to purchase
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TOPIC: It's frustrating that you need to purchase
It's frustrating that you need to purchase 4 Mesi Karma: 0
Trying to think of a team where I could get the cubes easily that doesn't possess a dominant 5 or 4 and also uses a PG which 2K MT slashes rather than shoots. I'm debating the Knicks, Kings and Bulls to test the last of those cubes. I do need steals but it is simple enough to spam that on TTOff where there's no foul out, or at Domination by fitting up using the PG. The steals aren't worrying me. Only the cubes.

I got the rest of his stats by making him the large on TTOff but debating whether to make him both the small and put Dwight and Kareem in because I do not need rebounds with him. I just need steals and blocks, so I could try to steal at the start of the possession and if I miss, chase down for the block in their PG. The matter with TTOff is that it is a crap shoot. You're running PD Billy so you're gon na get two crappy cards and a PD in return and two Evo's. The issue is where their PD is from game to game.

Perhaps you have attempted to find the lowest difficulty level match? I do not remember but a pro game against him should be block city. That's a good idea. But I was wondering if I need to just jump into a MTU game, get on the microphone, tell the guy I want 5 blocks with Billy and he then can have NBA 2K. Then when he allows me to block 5 occasions, I exit. Seems like a fantastic deal for the recipient as he gets to jump the ladder and does not have to play a complete match to do it. Was thinking about it TTO, but blocks would be harder, and NBA 2K is shorter so there is not a great deal of incentive for my"booster".

What is the best way? Also, this is my first nba 2K game, if the next one comes out, does this you just die? First sure shot value it struck will be Jonathan Isaac on Diamond. 4 good PD benefits (joel, rj, beasely, dlo), 3 or 4 opals (duncan, smith, lavine, beal and robinson marginal). If you ditch a lot of tokens into it and just get to Isaac, not worth it. Isaac is great but the MT you could have made ripping and flipping packs you could get a much better card. It's frustrating that you need to purchase heaps of garbage trash cards with your tokens to move the ladder up.

If you will play enough to get to Buy NBA 2K20 MT to PD or Opal, I'd say its worth it. Like when they upgrade the industry next, I should get a new galaxy opal straight away. I've got good run from Ariza RJ Embid, and Duncan. Ripping the packs is likely best if you're or casual and occasional. I'd save the tokens for players, however there are certainly many who do not if you intend to mill that mill. When the next 2K drops the participant base is generally super small, and pretty much dead since there isn't any fresh content.
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