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Progressive Die Tooling
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TOPIC: Progressive Die Tooling
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Progressive Die Tooling

Our tool room is the heart of our business. The company was founded in 1912 as a tool and die shop, where we quickly built a reputation for precision by meeting the most challenging needs in the market—the impossible projects. This required the best equipment and the most skilled toolmakers capable of consistently performing at a level not easily found in the market. Maintaining this unique formula has been critical to our success, evolution, and growth over the years.To get more news about progressive die, you can visit official website.

We attribute a lot of our success to the state-registered Toolmakers Apprenticeship Program at Hobson & Motzer, which has been in place since our founding, and is still alive and well today.

Today, our tool room serves our internal tool, die, and fixture needs for our stamping, machining, and assembly departments. We operate a large, 50+-person tool room with more than 25 certified journeyman toolmakers. Our ability to develop and attract top talent has been grounded in consistently maintaining a tool room with cutting-edge technology. Paired with some of the most innovative progressive tool designers in the industry, it creates a unique combination that makes Hobson & Motzer a smart choice for your precision metal stamping needs.
During the design process, critical areas of the tool are identified, and a robust spares program is built for each die. This is a unique approach and contingency plan to minimize downtime. Along with exhaustive records, the spares are kept on-hand, either as finished components or in a blank form, which can be quickly turned into a finished component. With this inventory available, downtime and delays are virtually eliminated.

Progressive dies perform fundamental cutting and forming operations simultaneously at various stations within a die during each press stroke.This program, part of the Fundamentals of Tool Design Video Series, explores the essential design variables used in part/strip development that contribute to part quality, progressive die tool maintenance, tool life, and tool cost.

The Progressive Die Design Essentials segment details part orientation, part lift, the use of cams, part transport, stretch webs, ribbon strips, stock positioning using direct and indirect pilots, first station operations, piercing distribution, die punches, forming operations, idle stations, part and scrap ejection, die clearances, and more.

The Lubrication Factors in Progressive Die Design segment examines the types and effective use of lubricants in progressive dies to control friction, extend tool life and improve part surface quality.
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