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This boss begins off attacking the party
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TOPIC: This boss begins off attacking the party
This boss begins off attacking the party 1 Mese, 3 Settimane Karma: 0
Well, I had an idea. How about new supervisors that need strategy, and tactics? Because these bosses need more than simply slash and heal, a few changes would have to be made. Current bosses can hit pretty hard, and OSRS gold a few can strike numerous people with very hard hits. Of course with bosses I've in mind, that can't be an alternative. Heres an example of a boss I thought of. For the sake of the example, this boss will not have a title...

This boss begins off attacking the party, but when it hits 300 hp 4 magical generators in the area make a barrier around the monster. The monster cannot attack in this stage, but it's spawns that emerge and attack. In order to strike, you gotta ruin the 4 generators. Throughout the conflict, the generators can respawn. After your party destroys the generators, then you are able to resume attacking the boss. The boss can only hit up to say 25, or use an attack that strikes everyone that can go up to 20.

If you are wondering why it hits so low is that the conflict takes some time, and we only have limited stock space. Its 5 am where I am and I am tired. When I wake up, I'll return and later on, I'll arrange the thread and include more. Thank you for buy RS gold reading!
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