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It was alright I guess?
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TOPIC: It was alright I guess?
It was alright I guess? 1 Mese, 3 Settimane Karma: 0
I like the stock. I sadly cannot purchase the inventory cause broke bitch. I may simply be effective at a singular share in AMC since I cant afford much else. The pandemic, student debt and Animal Crossing Bells my medical problems have hurt me financially and I am only gonna attempt it after I know I am okay on food. However, in solidarty of those who could get inventory with $GME: Hold that stock with???? I dropped half of my investments in 2000 when the dot com bubble has been shorted into oblivion. I was able to build it up to double the amount during hard work and sacrifice.

In 2008 the real estate debacle occurred and the market was once again shorted nearly out of existence. It's a concerted effort by the politicians, banks and hedge funds to steal government money and elections in addition to our private money. The government has created a retirement account program for us the relies only on the stock market to build our future . I am within a couple of years of retirement today and if I can stick back it up their ass and get rich doing it, I am proud to join you retards and combat those assholes. I'm with you to the finish, diamond hands!

It was alright I guess? A few of the games that interested me were the Octopath Travelers kind game (The title for it had been so awful I forgot it ) and when the prices are right, I'd pick up Miitopia and Mario Golf (Not to get a complete $60 that's for sure). I was incredibly disappointed with Skyward Sword, not because of the match itself but since I had been anticipating a Super Mario 3D All Stars type thing for it where you receive Ocarina of Time, Majors Mask, and Skyward Sword in Buy Nook Miles Ticket a $60 package or at least ports of Windwaker and
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