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If I must boost his SWB into XX to get Slasher
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TOPIC: If I must boost his SWB into XX to get Slasher
If I must boost his SWB into XX to get Slasher 1 Mese, 3 Settimane Karma: 0
Cheesing is something. We know this. Even the YouTubers across the Atlantic were performing it and as such, the Turks accepted this method as NBA 2K21 MT gospel and propagated it challenging. Lower your overall by providing each of the moments to low level gamers and dominate with your own one or two beasts like Giannis or even Kareem. This functions. But it does nothing to encourage parity and equity for the opponent who is legally running an all-ruby/amethyst/diamond lineup because he just started and this is exactly what he can manage. And he won't be able to afford or even trying for more than this, because the first time somebody in Dublin conducts up on him with GO Giannis and blows through his entire team, he's not likely to get an update to his rubies, amethysts and diamonds... he is likely to go play The Last Of Us II and then delete NBA 2K20.

For offline drama, one of the most frustrating things is pressing on the button for a timeout and having to watch all the animation and coaches on the chairs etc, when all you are doing is hoping to immediately move your players exhaustion' from 64 to 70. There should be an option for an instantaneous timeout that immediately raises stamina and has the guy ready to inbound the ball at under 2 seconds. Tell us exactly what we need to do in order to get Player X to acquire Takeover Y. The guesswork shouldn't be part of it. If I must boost his SWB into XX to get Slasher Takeover, I should understand this, not need to experiment. If I want him to become Sharpshooter, exactly what do I need to get his 3 point feature to? If I need him to Cheap 2K21 MT become Lockdown what is the program?
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