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AVANZATASony Digital Cinema 4K spiega i quattro motivi per cui il 4K è indispensabile

Oggi il 4K è ovunque. Da TV a PC, passando per proiettori home cinema, telecamere e tablet, il mondo si sta convertendo rapidamente all’Ultra HD. Malgrado ciò, in Italia,...
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AVANZATASistema di Chroma Key Datavideo

Da Datavideo, ecco un sistema semplice ed economico per realizzare un perfetto Chroma Key. Semplice perchè non richiede grandi spazi; economico perchè non richiede tanta luce aggiunta. Il...
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Uscita Celtx v2.5

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  • Uscita la nuova versione di CELTX, il software che aiuta nella stesura di pre-produzione  per progetti multimediali come film, cortometraggi, video di ogni tipo, sceneggiature, documantari, ecc... per sistemi operativi Windows, OS X, e Linux...
Now, complete your Celtx media pre-production system with a Celtx Studio
  • Share projects through your Celtx Studio.
  • Live chat with team members.
  • Checkout projects for one-at-a-time editing.
  • Store every project, every version, every file.
  • Quickly compare versions.
  • Preview projects on the web.
  • Personalize with logos and backgrounds.

Create a Celtx Studio account for yourself and sub-accounts for others. Reassign sub-accounts to different users at any time.

Manage your Celtx projects and get copied on all projects in sub-accounts.

Share projects quickly and easily with other Studio users. Choose different collaborators for different projects. Checkout projects for one-at-a-time editing.

Get quick status views of projects. See which collaborators made the most recent changes.

Keep full project histories - save every script and pre-production file. Quickly compare versions side-by-side.

Provide live direction and feedback to collaborators, and improve team communication.

Create secure and private web-previews to profile your work to producers and financiers and others.

    • Provides writers with the ability to lock scenes when editing a script that is in production. Revision mode supports the Hollywood standard A and B scene nesting, an innovative numeric mode, plus the ability to create your own unique nesting style template. A 'Fix' feature can be used to manually change any scene nesting. Revision mode also enables edits to be colour coded to help keep track of changes made between revisions or by different writers.
  • New! Revision Mode
    • Enables a writer to lock a script from further text editing, while allowing others to continue working on the project. Useful for protecting a script while it is being marked up and broken down for production. The script can be locked and unlocked as many times as needed.
  • New! Text Lock
    • Now you can add your own drawings to a project. The Sketch tool can be used to draw a sketch or setup which can also be added to your storyboard. The Sketch tool includes pre-loaded icons for camera, lights and people that can be tagged with text, and tools for drawing lines, arrows, shapes and adding text.  Plus, professional art packs of additional images (eg. girl, boy, crowd, car, furniture/fixtures, etc.) can be purchased from the Celtx web site.
  • New! Sketch Tool
    • Newly relabeled, TypeSet/PDF provides precise automatic formatting of your script to industry and international standards. New for this release, Typeset/PDF now allows you to set single, double, or triple spacing after scenes - allowing you to better manage script lengths.
  • Improved! Typset/PDF
    • Now Celtx Studios owners can have live text conversations with others in their Studio, and with project collaborators.  Useful for providing live direction and feedback, for planning, and simply for staying in touch. Select the Chat icon next to the Studios sign-in in the Celtx software.

  • New! Live Chat
  • Download free: http://celtx.com/download.html
  • Celtx Contributors : Italian - Nicola Selenu, Renato Francisci, Greco 'Francesco', Edoardo Limone, Paolo Musu, Juana Gallella, Ornella Cataldo and Lamberto Lenza